Jean-Paul Fortin

jeanpaulfortinJean-Paul Fortin is being elevated to the Edmundston Arts Hall of Fame as a builder.

He dedicated his professional and personal life to promoting music in Madawaska County. Not only did the people of this area appreciate his tremendous talent, but they also greatly benefited from his unending generosity.

Jean-Paul Fortin’s contribution to the Richelieu Music School is unsurpassed, which undoubtedly earns him the well-earned title of « Builder » in the field of music in this area. How many young (and not so young) people were given an initiation to music because of Jean-Paul Fortin’s dedication. The quality of the shows presented by the Richelieu Music School was testimony to Jean-Paul Fortin’s professionalism and tenacity. He was responsible for the Senior Harmony, the Beginners’ Orchestra and the Jazz Ensemble. He served as a model for a number of young musicians in the area. As a teacher, Jean-Paul Fortin spent a lot of time with kids. Not only did he introduce them to music, but he also help bring up their self-esteem. Generous to a fault with both his time and his talent, he got kids interested in music and helped them gain an appreciation of this artistic field, not only in school but mainly through extracurricular activities.

Jean-Paul was incredibly active in the community and gave his time to a number of events. As a solo artist or accompanied by other distinguished musicians that he invited, he would make it a priority to take an active part in a number of official ceremonies held in the area.

Sensitive to the financial challenges of local charitable organizations, he was always on hand to share his expertise. His services were so consistent and discreet that it was only when he had to involuntarily step back because of his illness that the importance of his contribution to all these events and activities could be felt.

Jean Pedneault, who was a reporter for Le Madawaska newspaper, wrote : Musician and teacher Jean-Paul Fortin leaves behind the image of a profoundly humane man, whose vision and devotion helped Madawaska area musical talents to flourish. His unique approach contributed to the development of a number of emerging talents and continue to produce positive results.

Husband of Louise Levesque, proud father of Catherine, and son of Cécile and René Fortin.